Global Kids Show is a cultural travel show for children. 

Viewers experience each county through the eyes of the kids who live there. Each episode features three local kids and is composed of three segments: kids sharing a physical activity, an educational activity and a creative activity.

The children in Global Kids Show choose the activites that they share. The show hopes to highlight similarities between kids from county to country, providing a window into new places and experiences from the comfort of your own screen.

The idea for Stichting Global Kids Show came about when Sean was teaching at The International School of Amsterdam. He gave a show and tell assignment to his 5th grade class. Sean told the students to imagine that they had a friend visiting from another country. What would be the one activity they would share from the Netherlands with that friend and why?

Each child returned to school with a presentation on their favorite activity. Sean found that he received 25 unique and well thought out presentations. Later that evening, Sean came home and shared the kid's stories with his wife, Allison.

She was intrigued by a Japanese girl's presentation about a vintage ladies handbag museum. Allison had been living in Amsterdam for five years and never knew that such a museum even existed! Sean and Allison both began to see the Netherlands through the eyes of this little Japanese girl.

Allison and Sean began to imagine how enlightening it would be to have kids from around the world share their culture and their favorite activities. They recognized the importance of teaching kids to appreciate other cultures from a young age.

Starting with the seed planted by that 5th grade class, Sean and Allison decided to take a huge step. They quit their jobs and devoted themselves to launching Global Kids Show in 2004.

Global Kids Show began as a production company in June 2005 and became a non-profit charitable foundation in February 2007. Stichting Global Kids Show was incorporated by Hogan Lovell's International law firm as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts.